ELEX Compact Laminate is a solid, robust and high density paper based decorative building material. Built by advanced HPL production technology and formulated by high quality core material and décor papers, ELEX Compact Laminate is waterproof, fire retardant, scratch and wear resistant. It is ideally used in interior environment, both horizontal and vertical building structure where aesthetics and durability are highly demanded. ELEX Compact Laminate also performs exceptionally in heavy loading places with high humidity, where toughness, performance and strong visual appeal are highly demanded. ELEX Compact Laminate INTERIOR are available in STANDRD COMPACT GRADE, FIRE-RATED COMPACT GRADE, and ANTI-BACTERIA COMPACT GRADE.

Product Information

ELEX Phenolic Compact Laminate is an extremely versatile material with excellent mechanical properties.  It is ideal for use in areas subject to intensive use, and applications as vertical and horizontal surfaces where design, hygiene and durability are highly demanded. 


ELEX Phenolic Compact Laminate is available in a variety of colors, finishes and patterns for the decor layer. It has also a comprehensive range of sheet sizes and thicknesses for different applications. Specific applications may include partitions, cubicles, lockers, industrial worktops, furnitures and etc. 


ELEX Phenolic Compact Laminate is recommended for interior use only. However,ELEX Exterior Panels for outdoor use are also available and produced in some specific colors. Please enquire sales team for more information.