ELEX upgrades the normal interior grade of ELEX Compact Laminate (Solid Core Phenolic Sheet) with a special feature of “clean touch”. The surface is extremely MATT that has very low light reflectivity. Meanwhile, it features a very soft touch on the surface, giving a pleasant contact to people. 

What is more special? The top is anti-fingerprint.   

The innovation of Cleantop brings new ideas and sources for furniture and interior design.

Product Information




Thanks to the use of the Latest technology---Electron Bean Curing, the surface of ELEX Cleantop® is strongly resistant to scratches, abrasion and microbes. 

Moreover, It thermally heals any superficial micro-scratches. It is particularly suitable for Hospitality and Hygiene sectors that exploited as kitchen counter top, dining table, bathroom cabinet and hospital furniture etc that is made accordance with EN 438 properties.

As we know, Lotus plant (also called as "Numlebo Nucifera") has super-hydrophobic surface. Water drops that fall onto them bead up and roll off. These leaves not only stay dry, but the droplets pick up small particles of dirt as they roll, so that the lotus leaves are even self-cleaning.